3 Work in Progress

“Jobs and intimate partner violence – Evidence from a Field Experiment in Ethiopia”. Analysis plan archived 9 November 2017 at: https://www.socialscienceregistry.org/trials/2569 . Cesifo working paper including preplan Replication files for main analyses. Survey (1st follow up). NBER SI 2020 presentation. With Espen Villanger.

“Culture and Gender Differences in Willingness to Compete”. Revise and resubmit at The Economic Journal. Analysis plan (download: Preplan competition archived April 29 2019 at https://www.socialscienceregistry.org. With Karen Evelyn Hauge, and Anine Riege. Draft

“Rearranging the Desk Chairs: A large randomized field experiment on the effects of close contact on interethnic relations”  With Felix Elwert and Tamás Keller. Preplan

Effects of Dialogue Meetings”. Analysis plan (download:Pre-plan Meetings archived February 12 2018 at: https://www.socialscienceregistry.org/trials/2730 . With Matteo Alpino, Karen Evelyn Hauge, and Simen Markussen.

“Jobs and Political Participation – Evidence from a Field Experiment in Ethiopia”. Draft April 2021. Analysis plan (download: Pre analysis plan) archived June 6 2019 at the AEA registry (AEARCTR-0004285). Survey (1st follow up). With Lovise Aalen, Janneke Pieters, and Espen Villanger.

“Does Wealth Reduce Support for Redistribution? Evidence from an Ethiopian Housing Lottery” With Andersen, Franklin, Getahun, Somville, and Villanger. Pre-plan registered (AEARCTR-0003579), download:Pre analysis plan.  Working paper.

“Empowering the next generation? Manufacturing jobs and maternal aspirations.” Analysis plan (download: Analysis Plan) archived June 6 2019 at the AEA registry (AEARCTR-0004284). With Janneke Pieters and Espen Villanger. Data expected in 2020.

“Material resources and well-being — Evidence from an Ethiopian housing lottery” With Asbjørn Andersen and Vincent Somville. Pre-plan registered (AEARCTR-0003579), download:Pre analysis plan. Draft April 2021 

“Effects of deskmate gender on confidence, attitudes toward mixed gender teams, and prejudice – Evidence from a large scale field experiment in Hungarian schools.” With Felix Elwert and Tamás Keller. Preplan

“Contact across religious groups and attitudes  – Evidence from a field experiment in Myanmar” Analysis plan (download: Preplan Myanmar) archived October 29 2019 at the AEA registry. With Javier Fabra Mata and Mette Løvgren. Final data expected in 2022.

“The Formation of Competitive Preferences”. With Finseraas, Hanson, and Johnsen. Pre-analysis plan..

“Quantifying social segregation in large-scale networks”. With Bjelland, Lind, Reme, and Sundsøy.

“Do Think Twice, it´s All Right: Effects and Mechanisms of Tax Enforcement Policies”. With Løyland, Raaum, Torsvik, and Øvrum. Preplan registered at AEA: Tax Enforcement Pre Plan