3 Work in Progress

“Trust, Ethnic Diversity, and Personal Contact: Experimental Field Evidence”. With Henning Finseraas, Torbjørn Hanson, Åshild A. Johnsen, and Gaute Torsvik.

Chinese aid and local corruption“. With Ann-Sofie Isaksson.

Resources and intimate partner violence in Sub-Saharan Africa“.  With Sara Cools. Revision requested at World Development.

Ancestry culture, local institutions, and situated agency – A study of female labor supply“. With Henning Finseraas. Revision requested at European Sociological Review.

“Can Gender Attitudes Change? The Effect of Random Allocation of Women to Male Teams”. With Gordon Dahl, Henning Finseraas, and Dan-Olof Rooth.

“The Economics of Hypergamy”. With Ingvild Almås, Espen Moen, and Knut Røed.

“Armed conflict and maternal health care. Micro-level evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa”. With Gudrun Østby,  Henrik Urdal, Andreas Forø Tollefsen, Ragnhild Belbo & Christin Ormhaug.

“Early Industrialization and Social Protest: Evidence from African Industrial Mines”. With Eivind Hammersmark Olsen, Carl Henrik Knutsen, and Tore Wig.

“Development Aid and Infant Mortality. Micro-level evidence from Nigeria”. With Gudrun Østby, Siri Aas Rustad, Andreas Forø Tollefsen & Henrik Urdal.

“Droughts and gender bias in infant mortality”. With Martin Flatø.  Newer Version.

“Weather Shocks and Violence Against Women in Sub-Saharan Africa”.  With Sara Cools and Martin Flatø. Latest version.

“The effects of quotas for women in Latin American parliaments”. With Måns Nerman. WP. Extensively revised version 2016: Gender Quotas.

“Poverty in China as seen from outer Space”. With Åshild Auglænd Johnsen and Ingvild Almås.

“Do parties matter at the sub-district level of politics? Evidence from tehsils in Andhra Pradesh”. With Francesca R. Jensenius and Anirban Mitra.

“The local socioeconomic effects of gold mining : evidence from Ghana”. With Punam Chuhan-Pole, Andrew Dabalen, Aly Sanoh, and Anja Tolonen. Policy Research working paper; no. WPS 7250